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California Law requires specific disclosures in regard to the sale of residential property.
Sellers Choice Disclosures satisfy all the statutory obligations in California.

Sellers Choice Disclosures includes the following in our standard report:
Notice of Special Tax
Notice of Special Assessment
Special Flood Hazard Area and Zone Designation
Potential Flooding / Dam Inundation Areas
Very High Fire Severity Zone
Wild Land Area That May Contain Forest Fire Risk
Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zone
Seismic Hazard Zone Area
Liquefaction Zone Area
Landslide Hazard Area
Military Ordnance Location
Commercial / Industrial Proximity
Airport Landing Facilities Disclosure
Airport Influence Area
Airport Noise
Radon Gas Level
Toxic Mold Addendum
Registered Sex Offender Database (Megan's Law) Addendum
Williamson Act / Farmland Security Zone
Tsunami Inundation Area
Ultramafic Rock (Asbestos) Area
Slide Prone and Landslide Areas
Coastal Bluffs
Right to Farm/Local Option
High Winds
Local Fire Zones
Local Inundation Areas
Local Fault Zones
Local Liquefaction
Methane Zone
Specific Abandoned Mines
Habitat and Protected Species Act

Our standard disclosure report includes local data and additional disclosures depending on the area of the residential property.

SELLERS CHOICE DISCLOSURES is Compliant, Competitive and Comprehensive in all areas of business.